Cimon Apps

Instructions and links for each of the Cimon Applications:

  • Cimon for iPhone:  As of 8/18/17 there is a new version of the Cimon iPhone app that is installed on your iPhone.  Here are the complete instructions:
    1. Delete the old cimon (if you have one) iPhone app from your phone.  This is important!
    2. Go to following link and click install:
    3. Try to open cimon app, it may give a popup message showing “Untrusted Enterprise Developer”. If so,  on your phone go to Settings -> General -> Profile & Device Management -> University of Notre Dame Du Lac (under Enterprise App) and click “Trust ‘University of Notre Dame Du Lac’ ”
    4. Open cimon app, allow permissions that the app asks for, and enter your 10 digit phone number.  Be sure to enter this phone number correctly.
    5. Always keep the app running in the background.


  • NetHealth App:  The app which is installed on your computer is now called NetHealth and replaces the old Cimon iTunes app.   This app  is a major revision and updating of the old Cimon for iTunes app.  Remember that all iPhone users must do (1) a backup of their iPhone to their computer once a week and after doing the back (2) use the new Nethealth app on your computer to sync the backup to our secure servers.  Here are basic instructions:
  1. Plug your iPhone into your computer and open iTunes on your computer.
  2. iTunes should automatically do a backup of your iPhone.  If it does not, click on the “Back Up Now” button, making sure that the ‘encrypt backup’ box is UNCHECKED (if iTunes does the backup automatically and this box is checked, please uncheck it and do the backup again).  
  3. Open the NetHealth app on your computer. Click on the Sync button in the middle. 
  4. If the NetHealth app is not on your computer or it does not work (the compliance percent bar on the top does not change), you can install the NetHealth app very easily.  Click here to download the Mac version, and here for the PC version.  If you already have the app installed and it is not working, delete it, and then use these links to install it again.


  • Cimon for Android:  As of 10/23/16 there is a new version of this app, version 0.70.  Users with version 0.60 should have received a notification.  You can also access the app through the Google Play Store.  Use the instructions link to find out how to install the app. Use the Application link to access the app you need to install.

Common issues and problems:

  • Cimon for iPhone:  There are two reasons why you may have a low compliance score:  (1) the app was not active so no data was collected and/or (2) data collected through the app was not uploaded.  You can easily check to see if data has been uploaded. That information is on the home page of the app. Just because it says that data has been uploaded recently does not mean that there was any data to upload.  The app must be running for it to collect data which is then uploaded to our secure server every night.
    • Check to make sure app is running by double tapping home button and checking which apps are open.
    • If you phone shuts down you must restart the Cimon app after restarting your phone.
    • When you receive a notification that the app is not working, be sure to restart it.
    • Do not swipe up and close the Cimon app.  It should always stay running.


  • Cimon for iTunes:  There are two reasons why you may have a low compliance score: (1) you did not back up your iPhone to your computer and/0r (2) the app is not installed and active on your computer.
    • Go to the instructions for installing Cimon for iTunes to see how to check if the app is installed and active on your  computer
    • Check to make sure you have done a backup of your iPhone within the last week.  Go to the instructions for backing up your iPhone to see how to check when the last backup was done
    • For Mac users, make sure that you have set things up so that the Cimon app automatically opens when you reboot your computer.  See the instructions for installing Cimon for iTunes.


  • Cimon for Android:  There are two reasons you may have a low compliance score: (1) the app while installed is not open and active or (2) though open and active, the app is not running.
    • To make sure the app is open and active, go to Settings on your phone.   There you can see which apps are active.  Make sure the Cimon for Android app is active. If not, find the app and open it.
    •  To make sure that the Cimon app is running,  open the Cimon app and make sure that it says “running” and not “Track”.  If it says “Track”, click on the button and the app will start running.